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                 At Carpet Cleaning DC we do one thing and we do it the BEST! We specialize in carpet cleaning upholstery and leather furniture, car interiors and mattresses. We are experts in removing most every stain including pet urine stain removal from your white sofa. We steam clean your microfiber couch like new again.

                We can remove red wine stains from white carpet, baby urine from your mattress and many other stains. We clean upholstered furniture in areas of Washington DC including Alexandria, Arlington Va, Bethesda Md, Silver Spring Md, Reston Va, Fairfax, McLean, Falls Church, Great Falls, Tysons, Springfield and Annandale Va. You can be confident that you are receiving the best service at the best value without salesamen or gimmicks to deal with. We are licensed and insured to clean all upholstery including microfiber, leather and suede.

                When cleaning your carpet or furniture we are careful not to overwet the upholstery. This will cause the carpet to smell bad and look dingy. We extract most of the water and the carpet in your car should be dry within 3 hours or so.

               We also can provide you a Stain Guard to protect your carpet against staining and resoiling. You should maintain your carpet clean by vacuuming at least once a month. You see how dusty your table is after a few days rught? Well look at your dresser behind the tv that hasnt been dusted in weeks. Thats what is penetrating your carpet and building up dirt. You don't see it because your carpet is like a filter and the dust goes down deep. A regular rug can hold over 2 pound of dirt in 1 year of use which is why we recommend you clean your carpet at least once a year. 

                To maintain a carpet clean between professional services you should vacuum your carpet once a week and spot clean as needed. When spot cleaning your rugs you must rinse out the cleaner well or the residue will attract more dirt. 

             We provide carpet cleaning services to area of Washington DC.

                As the climate warms and individuals head outside, it is critical that you call a professional to clean your carpets, don't lose sight of what needs to be carried out inside. There are numerous reasons why carpets need cleaning. Daniel Hamilton item administrator for CFR, makers of reusing versatile carpet cleaning service, offers these main ten motivations to have carpets cleaned year round. 
Appropriately cleaning and keeping up carpets: 
1. Draws out the life of carpeting. Normal carpet cleaning utilizing the extraction strategy can expand the life of carpets altogether, securing your carpet cleaning investment. 
2. Secures indoor air quality. Carpets trap airborne poisons; be that as it may, inevitably those contaminations must be uprooted keeping in mind the end goal to ensure the carpet is cleaned and keep up indoor air quality. 
3. Makes carpets simpler to keep up. Most carpet ruining is made up of dry soils; when carpets are kept altogether cleaned all the time, most dry soils could be uprooted with standard vacuuming before we clean your carpet.
4. Uproots spots and stains. Similarly as with different soils, spots and stains can draw in additionally dirtying. Uprooting them speedily ensures carpet cleaning from harm. 
5. Avoids development of allergens and microbes. Damp dirtying of carpets can bring about the development of a few less than great contaminants. 
6. Improves the appearance of any room. Clean, overall kept up carpets talk volumes about the general cleanliness of a home or office. 
7. Enhances laborer spirit. Laborers feel better about their work surroundings when it is clean. This incorporates the carpet cleaning service. 
8. Makes carpeting look and feel clean and new. 
9. Uproots dust bugs and blood suckers that may have discovered a home in carpets. 
10. Keeps up the carpet's guarantee. Most carpet guarantees oblige that carpets be cleaned utilizing the extraction strategy inside a particular measure of time, typically every year to year and a half have your carpet professionally cleaned by UpholsteryCleaningDC.com, call us to make your next appointment.              

           To maintain Oriental Area Rugs you should wipe down once a week with a clean damp towel to remove dust and body oils. Baby wipes are actually a great tool in maintaining your carpet clean because its a mild and gentle cleaner. Take care of your Oriental Area Rugs and it will take care of you. 

              We offer our carpet cleaning services in lots of towns around DC. Services include Carpet Cleaning DC, Rug cleaning DC, Oriental Persian wool carpets cleaned. 

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